…to this website, which is dedicated to encouraging the UK Parliament to enact legislation making same-sex marriage lawful in Northern Ireland.

Same-sex marriage was made lawful in England and Wales in 2013, and in Scotland in 2014. However, same-sex marriage remains unlawful in Northern Ireland.

Because marriage is a transferred matter under the current devolution settlement for Northern Ireland, it is the Northern Ireland Assembly that has control over making same-sex marriage lawful.

The High Court of Northern Ireland concluded in August 2017 that the matter of same-sex marriage was one for the Northern Ireland Assembly to resolve rather than the courts.

The Northern Ireland Assembly has considered the question of same-sex marriage on several occasions and, in November 2015, a majority of MLAs voted in favour of a motion calling on the Executive to table legislation to allow for it. However, that motion was negatived because of the submission of a petition of concern.

It appears unlikely that the Northern Ireland Assembly will sit in the near future or, even if it does, that it will pass legislation to make same-sex marriage lawful in Northern Ireland.

For this reason, a Bill has been drafted that we hope the UK Parliament will consider enacting in order to ensure that same-sex couples have equal access to marriage like those in the rest of the United Kingdom.